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Dowsing Course No 1: Setting The Right Dowsing Foundation

Dowsing Course No 1: Setting The Right Dowsing Foundation


Dowsing Course No 1: Setting The Right Dowsing Foundation

  • DLC – Distant Learning Course – with dedicated tutor
  • Study Time: 10+ hours – 5 Weeks
  • All Course in PDF Format
  • All Work Must Be Completed To Gain Certificate
  • All Details Will Be Sent Once Payment Has Been Made

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Do you want to learn about dowsing and how to use a pendulum properly? Perhaps you have been using a dowsing pendulum and finding it hard to get results?
This is the first course to be completed at all levels, this course sets a foundation for all of your dowsing skills. Whether you are going to use you dowsing crystal to get answer, locate treasure or you just want to expand your knowledge and intuition then this is the course for you.

Facts for Completing This Course

  • The Basic Course is for anyone who wants to know what dowsing is and how to start using a dowsing pendulum the right way.
  • The Basic Course is for those who may have some experience and want to gain a qualification and to increase their accuracy in using a dowsing pendulum.
  • 10+ Hours 4/5 Weeks – to complete the course
  • Genuine Certificated Course
  • Designated Tutor

What Will You Learn From This Course

  • At the end of this dowsing course, you will know how to properly cleanse your crystal, charge your crystal and program your dowsing pendulum
  • You will be able to communicate with your crystal in order to get accurate answers
  • You will know how to care for your dowsing crystal & you will know how to store your crystal properly

What Does this Course Entail

On the course there are 5 lessons each comes with written, reading/resources and practical exercises. The aim is to complete one less per week including all exercises and sending information to your tutor. Each lesson has been split into different sections. You must complete the course to gain your certificate.
Once you have signed up for the course, you will be sent all material and contact details for your tutor and our head office.

On this course you will need your own dowsing crystal.